Spirit Tracks had some really engaging ideas woven into its story. Gameplay criticisms aside, being able to see the developed land that Link and Tetra from The Wind Waker had settled on to be Hyrule generations later was a neat idea. On top of that, one of the most interesting parts of the stories were the titular Spirit Tracks themselves, crafted to seal away a great evil that plagued the land. Giving the actual train tracks purpose wasn’t necessarily needed to justify the new technology that the game featured with the trains, but it was a nice touch. This new iteration of Hyrule featured some unique races and locations as well, making it pretty fun to explore.

The Hyrule we saw in Spirit Tracks has a lot going for it, and I think there’s just enough variety and unique features that I wouldn’t mind a sequel taking place in this region. Getting a sequel could also be a good opportunity to develop more about the lore and culture prior to Link and Tetra arriving. Were spirits commonplace in the region, where are they now? What else can we learn about the Locomo race? All of these questions could be answered in interesting, creative ways through a fun and inventive sequel. What do you think, would you want a sequel of Spirit Tracks to take place in this new version of Hyrule? Let us know in the comments!

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