Ganondorf is a villain who is synonymous with the Zelda franchise, and for that reason alone, it’s really no surprise he’s been the antagonist in so many games in the series. And you know what? He works perfectly for the role: he’s evil, he’s menacing, and he’s the wielder of the Triforce of Power. That’s pretty much what we’ve all come to expect of him!

Though, as plenty of you are no doubt aware (and should be aware of), there have been plenty of other great villains in the Zelda series, too. Some of these villains, mind you, could be considered better (that is entirely up for debate, though, so how convenient!) than Ganondorf himself. Zant, Vaati, Majora’s Mask, Ghirahim, and so on, and there’s always the potential for new villains to be created!

Personally, I think Ganondorf should be a little less of a focus. More games like Majora’s Mask, Minish Cap, and Skyward Sword, please. New antagonists are always a good thing. And please, don’t let the cooler villains turn out to be a pawn for someone less interesting in the game (I’m looking at you, Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword). That’s not to say I want Ganondorf to be completely retired, oh no no; I just wish for him to be less of a focus in the series.

But that’s just my opinion. What about yours? So, the question is: is Ganondorf the villain you want to keep fighting?

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