We’ve covered which Zelda titles are good starting points for newcomers in past Daily Debates already, but with the recent release of Breath of the Wild, it may be time to add the latest Zelda game to the conversation. Link’s most recent adventure saw various tweaks, shake-ups, and innovations to the Zelda formula; it presents fresh experiences and has ushered the series into the modern gaming landscape. But with all the progress made, is Breath of the Wild a good game for series newcomers?

This new Zelda is very different from past games in the series. The open-world structure and larger emphasis on exploration has bucked several conventions that have developed as part of the series for over two decades. Breath of the Wild‘s willingness to forge a fresh identity could be both a benefit and a hindrance to new players.

Some Zelda neophytes may find the unhindered exploration of BotW to be inviting and easy to understand. The game does a good enough job pointing novice players in the right direction; and the Nintendo charm makes every gameplay system seem natural and straightforward. On the other hand, the sheer size of the game and the large amount of content may turn off new players. Some Zelda newbies may prefer a more guided experience than what is offered in Breath of the Wild.

There is much to consider. Do you think Breath of the Wild is a good starting point for new Zelda players? Do you think that other games in the series are more approachable to the uninitiated? Let us know in the comments!

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