With so many characters in the Zelda universe, it is a little disappointing that we only ever really get one perspective on the game – not including Hyrule Warriors, of course. Yet there are so many other characters Link encounters, living through every iteration of the rise and fall of evil, just trying to see it through. So, why have we, to this point, only been given one perspective?

Imagine playing as a different character, seeing their side of the story. What if you could play Ocarina of Time as Malon, or Kaepora Gaebora, or even Navi, doing her best to instruct this kid on what to do next when he just doesn’t listen?Suddenly, the story takes on a whole new idea, a new interpretation. Or, what if you could be a moblin in Breath of the Wild, given orders to defend your territory, and suddenly, this little brat comes along and smacks you with a claymore, and you have to explain to the Big Guy why the treasure chest you were guarding has been looted? It certainly presents a few interesting twists.

So, what would you do? Would you replay a Zelda game from the perspective of a different character? If so, which one, and from whose perspective? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured image, “Navi: Hey! Listen!” by CmOrigins.

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