Dungeons in the Zelda series are some of the most integral part of any game and, for better or worse, can often define them. Whether expanding the story through visuals, music, or challenging fights and puzzles, dungeons are the centerpieces for each location. Most of these labyrinths will take on the characteristics of their surroundings, such as the Forest Temple, while some are just bizarre monoliths standing the test of time like the Stone Tower. Naturally, these sacred places are also guarded by powerful bosses who seek to end the hero’s journey early.

Unfortunately, not all Zelda dungeons hit the mark. Some are considered poorly designed or tedious, such as Ocarina of Time‘s Water Temple, while others might feel out of place such as Wind Waker’s Earth Temple.

Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of Breath of the Wild’s lack of major dungeons outside of the four Divine Beasts. The most egregious offender was Vah Ruta, as I found its water mechanics to be more of a pain than a fun challenge. Ultimately, once you get used to manipulating the trunk at the various points you need to, the dungeon felt short and the boss too simple. If I were to give it a touch-up, I’d alter the water mechanics so that they’d offer a bit more utility, such as using the elevated or depleted water in combat with foes or to access easy-to-see secret treasures, but not so easy to obtain ones. In addition, giving Waterblight Ganon a third phase where it uses the water against Link either by summoning typhoons of water or electrifying the arena would make it a bit less simplistic in design.

But what about you? What dungeon do you feel deserves to be remade, either for a modern update or because it fell short of your expectations? Let us know in the comments below!

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