With such a wide variety of characters to choose from, there are several that we, as players, have come to like, enjoy the antics of, and even absolutely adore. It’s not uncommon for us to attach ourselves to a single character, or even a couple, loving every moment we spend with them in game. Some even feel so lifelike that it’s sad when we turn off the game and return to real life (Wait, such a thing exists?). So when you break it down, thinking through the entire cast to have appeared, who would you want to have as a best friend?

Personally, I think I would appreciate Urbosa from Breath of the Wild. I know, I know, after three decades full of games, I pick a character of one of the most recent games. And, trust me, I did consider others. I almost went with Midna, for her spunky attitude, Navi, for her advice, or Zelda, because she’s my favorite. But think about it: Urbosa is strong, independent, playful in her moments, and no one would dare mess with her. She’d be the first to have your back, she’d be a great wing man, and she’d be the most fun to pull practical jokes with. I just could not get past how much I could learn from her, and how amusing she’d be.

What about you? Who would you be best friends with, if you could pick from the entireĀ Zelda cast? Let us know in the comments below!

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