Companions in the Zelda series are both a mainstay as well as a somewhat controversial topic for fans. In an ideal world, companions would be a perfect mix between helpful and personable though often times the ones in Zelda tend to fall under one category or the other. In this case, we’ll be discussing two companions who come closer to the middle divide; Navi from Ocarina of Time and Fi from Skyward Sword.

Lauded for its revolutionary approach to action/adventure games of the time, Ocarina of Time introduced many new systems to the beloved franchise. One of these was a companion who would travel with you throughout your adventure. In this case, it was Navi, a fairy assigned by the Great Deku Tree to watch over and guide Link. This had an interesting effect in that it divided many fans into two camps; those who loved this new character and those who found her annoying. Despite this controversy, Navi would inspire Nintendo to continue to add colorful companions in several later games such as Ezlo from The Minish Cap and Midna from Twilight Princess.

This brings us to the other side of the duel. Fi, like Navi, is often criticized for her annoying tendencies to remind the player about mundane things that may or may not break immersion at inconvenient times while still being loved for her major role in the story as well as her tearful, but heartfelt goodbye. Being the spirit that inhabits the Master Sword and revealed to be created by the Goddess Hylia, Fi’s character arc in Skyward Sword leaves a longstanding legacy throughout the previous and future titles.

While both Navi and Fi share some very similar gameplay traits, their character and story arcs couldn’t be more different. So here’s where we come to the debate aspect; if you could only choose one (we’re not counting the fact that a sleeping Fi is always a part of the Master Sword) to journey with you throughout Hyrule, who would you pick? Navi the playful and knowledgeable fairy or Fi the spirit of the Master Sword? Let us know in the comments below!

Taylor Wells is an Original Content Writer at Zelda Informer. Want to tease him about his love of Navi or share in his pain of Fi’s solitude? Feel free to hit him up on TwitterTwitch, or in the comments below!

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