Since the release of the The Legend of Zelda in 1987 on the Nintendo Entertainment System, there have been numerous games to claim their fame in the Zelda franchise.

From earlier titles such as Links Awakening, to the highly praised Ocarina of Time, and eventually to the record breaking Breath of the Wild, each game has played it’s part as somebody’s first experience in the Zelda universe.  Fans from around the world will look back and remember their first venture into the land of Hyrule and the excitement that it entailed!

When I look back, all of my memories, from awe to real fear come flooding back.  I remember my terror during my first Boss Battle with Queen Gohma and I can still feel just how captivated I was upon meeting Princess Zelda.  If I could introduce somebody into this wonderful franchise, it would definitely be to Ocarina of Time, as I loved my first experiences in this game the most!

If you could introduce somebody to their first Zelda game, which game would you choose, and why?  Let us know in the comments below!

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