So, you’ve set out to create your own video game. No simple feat. Your own story, your own characters, so many game mechanics to play with, and your own world in your hands, just waiting to be brought to the screen. That seems a bit like a daunting task. Sometimes, it’s easier to start with what you know, and, as you are reading this, I feel it is safe to say you are at least somewhat familiar with The Legend of Zelda. With thirty years under its belt, an ever-growing fanbase that keeps it going strong, and, not to mention, so many quintessentially Zelda elements scattered throughout each game, it’s hard not to see inspiration drawn from this series in tons of other video games. In the same way, elements from the Zelda series could easily inspire parts of your own game.

Of course, there are the dungeons full of puzzles that must be solved before you can move on to the next section of the game. Providing challenge and often frustration to players, this particular element of the Zelda series is often quoted as a favorite. You could incorporate the tools, such as a sword, a shield, and various clothing items to help in certain parts of the world.  And then there is the consistent cast of characters: the hero, the enemy, and the princess, all unified by a story of destiny. Stop evil, rescue the princess, save the world: a basic outline to a game for you to fill in as you see fit. Or, maybe you could choose to mimic the side quests. These small adventures scattered within the world are not unheard of in video games, but there are certainly a few the Zelda series is known for: money making games, trading quests, and fishing, just to name a few.

Really, there are plenty of ideas that you, the game developer, could choose from. So, what would it be? What elements of the Zelda series would you utilize to create your own video game? Let us know in the comments below!

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