One of the favored parts of Breath of the Wild, even to this day, has to be the ability to put Link in the widest variety of outfits the Zelda universe has seen. Several even enhance certain abilities, aiding our hero in his quest, like attack strength, temperature resistance, speed, and climbing abilities. This is the most customization we have seen to date in the series, and a topic periodically discussed within the fandom – typically, with positive feelings.

So let’s talk about it from an angle of real life. Let’s say you can bring any outfit from Breath of the Wild into the real world. Not just as functional clothing, but a completely true-to-the-source outfit, including any ability enhancements that appear in game. For example, I am naturally a loud person, so I would like the full Sheikah suit, with its stealth improving qualities. Enhanced night speed would be fun, too, I mean…

So, what do you say? Which outfit from Breath of the Wild would you want to bring to life? Let us know in the comments below!

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