Enemies. We all have our favorites, the ones we love, and the ones we love to hate. But, have you ever considered which you would want to be?

Let’s say, hypothetically – everyone loves a good hypothetical, right? – you find yourself transported into the land of Hyrule. Darkness has fallen. Things aren’t looking so great; they’re bleak, and covered in the blackish-reddish-pinkish ichor of Malice. Ganon reigns supreme now. And you…aren’t the hero. In fact, it is your mission to stop Link’s quest to defeat your master.

What form have you taken?

Personally, I’d hope to be a Lynel, complete with the most savage of weaponry. Think about it: I’d be an absolute beast, no pun intended. Knocking down puny kids and their little wooden bows in one fell swoop, keeping people off my lawn with lightning arrows. Plus, I’d have a graceful mane and an excellent six pack. And cute stripes.

How about you? There’s no shortage of enemies and beasts over the course of the entire series, but you can only show up as one. What would you be, and why? Let us know in the comments below!


Featured image, “The Enemies of Zelda (NES),” by Scarlet-Ajani.

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