The way Breath of the Wild handles weapon durability — or weapon fragility, depending on how you look at it — has been a contested subject since the game’s release. The constant shattering of swords and shields was tolerable to some, frustrating to many, and downright indefensible to others. The system obviously had its purposes; multiple weapon classes present in the game may have necessitated its existence for sure. But even if put in place for the right intentions, it’s clear that the weapon durability system was still as broken as an overused Boko Club.

There are plenty of potential tweaks or fixes one could make to Breath of the Wild‘s weapon system. For one, the durability of certain mid-tier weapons could have been increased as to curb the frequency of weapon breaking, especially later in the game. That would have reduced my frustration. Perhaps a meter could have been added to each weapon indicating how close it was to the breaking point. Or maybe an equipment repair feature could have been included, similar to the systems seen in RPG’s like Elder Scrolls or Dark Souls.

Maybe the Master Sword should have just been indestructible? Just a thought.

Removing weapon durability altogether would be an easy answer. But if you truly think this would have been the best option, how would you have encouraged players to try out different weapons and items throughout their adventure?

There is a lot to consider given Breath of the Wild‘s weapon durability. How would you have fixed the issues seen in the game? Would you have changed anything at all? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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