A Link to the Past is a 16-bit masterpiece filled with challenging puzzles, exciting boss battles, and an interesting array of weaponry. A neat experiment of the arsenal is the series of magic medallions: Bombos, Ether, and Quake. Each has a different use, and most are needed for finishing Link’s quest.

The Bombos Medallion creates a fiery explosion that decimates all minor foes on screen and deals massive damage to major enemies. The Ether Medallion creates a huge jolt of lighting from Link’s sword, wreaking havoc on the enemies on screen. The Quake Medallion lives up to its name as Link drives his sword into the ground, creating a massive earthquake which turns even the bulkiest of enemies into slime!

Perhaps none of these feel particularly useful for daily life, but if applied properly they could open up a world of possibilities. Personally, I would choose to have the Ether Medallion. There’s just something about having control of the weather at your fingertips that could be incredibly fun. It would even do wonders for my already frizzy hair!

So which Medallion would you find most useful? How would you apply its uses to your life? Let us know in the comments below!

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