Zelda has taken on many different themes and styles like sailing in The Wind Waker and flying in Skyward Sword. Breath of the Wild has already taken a step in the right direction in the design of technology and Spirit Tracks with the obvious train. However, what would a Zelda title look like designed after something like BioShock Infinite?

Steampunk is a genre of science fiction designed after rustic steam powered technology, which is what BioShock is devised from. Jumping even further into a more modern era, a Zelda game could easily take on a steampunk design. Themed around machines, even more so than Breath of the Wild, could prove to be an interesting take on the Zelda world.

Similar to Link being a blacksmith’s apprentice, he could be an inventor’s apprentice who doesn’t realize his Hero of Hyrule lineage. Link could even wield magic and his teacher would be Princess Zelda. She could be the daughter of Hyrule’s greatest inventor, who is also the King, but aspires to practice her magic rather than create inventions.

There are a world of possibilities by combining steampunk with Zelda and it could have extraordinary results mixing up this universe. How do you think a steampunk Zelda would turnout? What could be some possible events?

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Thanks for the cover art by 8BitHobo’s t-shirt design!

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