Ganondorf has been a regular fighter among the Super Smash Bros. roster since his debut in Melee. Being a last-minute addition to the 2001 GameCube title, the Demon King was understandably included as a Captain Falcon clone.

That said, as I’m thinking about it now, the guy should definitely have a unique move set at this point, right? Even as recently as the Wii U title, Ganondorf is still modeled after the F-Zero hero. For the upcoming Nintendo Switch game, something’s got to change.

I think the developers should incorporate more of Ganondorf’s abilities from throughout the series. Let him summon monsters perhaps? Or maybe portray him as more of a full-blown magic user rather than a brawler? Ideally — just because this is my favorite design of the character — I’d love to see him appear as his Hyrule Warriors incarnation. I mean, I wouldn’t place any serious money on that happening, but a guy can dream.

If Nintendo and HAL Laboratory wanted to get really crazy, they could ditch Ganondorf entirely and include his monstrous Ganon form. The Switch game already appears to be taking cues from Breath of the Wild with Link’s appearance. Would you like to see a playable, scaled-down version of Calamity Ganon? What about his trident-wielding A Link to the Past incarnation?

There are many directions the developers could go in when it comes to both Ganondorf himself and his beastial form. Which one sounds the most appealing to you, though? Do you even want to see any changes, or is Falcondorf the way to go? Let us know in the comments below!

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