It’s safe to say that the recent release of the final Tears of the Kingdom trailer has Zelda fans getting giddy. The reveal of Ganondorf (voiced by the popular Matt Mercer), the amazing musical score, and captivating visuals instill confidence that we might be in for another classic. I can’t help but feel I’ve felt this way before, though. Sometimes, in the lead up to a highly anticipated game, there’s a sense that release day just won’t come fast enough. How does your excitement for Tears of the Kingdom compare to previous Zelda releases?

I believe this is an especially prudent topic nowadays, since truly original Zelda entries have larger gaps between their releases than ever. Yes, we get some remakes and remasters of existing titles, but those rarely spur the same excitement as a genuinely new game. Tears of the Kingdom has me ready to go on a brand-new adventure filled with brand-new experiences. This is becoming more and more uncommon, with many major franchises opting to release a plethora of updates to previous games in lieu of risking a unique entry.

For me, the lead up to the release of Twilight Princess was nearly unbearable. After being somewhat disappointed by The Wind Waker and not having a GBA at the time for The Minish Cap, I was foaming at the mouth to get my hands on the next entry. It didn’t help that Twilight Princess was launching alongside the Wii and that I was excited to grab one of those as well. I don’t know if Tears of the Kingdom is quite on that level, plus my appetite for pre-release hype has died down over the years, but I’m definitely optimistic about this upcoming game.

What about you? When were you most excited for a new Zelda game? How does it compare to Tears of the Kingdom? Let us know in the comments below!

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