Disclaimer: This article contains minor spoilers for Tears of the Kingdom

The world of journalism is prone to blizzards of misinformation, and the video game industry is easily susceptible to the cold. When new-sites are hard-pressed for headlines that will get them traction, they are prone to read too much into quotes, not check sources, or report on something only for the reason that another news outlet reported on it. There are many instances of this in the Zelda facet of journalism, and one of them happened recently.

Patricia Summersett, voice actress for Princess Zelda in the English versions of Breath of the Wild, Age Of Calamity, and Tears of the Kingdom, recently spoke of the relationship between Link and Zelda in an interview with The Gamer. Many news outlets took the word “relationship” out of context, reporting that Summersett confirmed something romantic, when the full quote clearly praises the ambiguity of the relationship, how it could be many different things, all of which based in trust and patience. She talks of the beauty in the player choosing how to define that relationship, so I’m asking, how do you define the relationship between Link and Zelda in Tears of the Kingdom?

I personally see the connection as something special, something that doesn’t need to be expressly romantic to show a true bond. However, I am a sucker for the idea that they love each other romantically, that Zelda’s trip to Lover’s Lake as talked about in Lurelin Village involved Link, and that Zelda living in Link’s house in Hateno means a serious relationship between the two. However these things can be interpreted in many different ways. It’s up to the player how Link has connections with the world around him, but regardless, Link definitely cares a great deal for the Princess. They’ve known each other for lifetimes, and I can’t help but think that their romance would be nothing short of adorable.

What do you think? Are Link and Zelda romantically involved? Are they just friends? How have you been interpreting the relationship between this open-world incarnation of the legendary pair so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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