Today’s debate should be a good one, as it is really one of the most talked about aspects as we head into development of a new title in the series. Does the Zelda series really need to evolve, revolutionize, and change as much as a large contingency of the fan base seems to think that it does? Do the boss fights really need to be harder? Does the way we explore the world really need to be fuller and more open? Do we we really need expanded uses for the items in your inventory, or for the story to be truly dark? Next to graphical style debates, this is the most widely talked about aspect of future titles. This topic was actually inspired by Majukun on the neoGAF forums. Here’s what he had to say:

“In recent times the part of the Zelda fanbase asking for a “revolution” in the mechanics of the series has grown considerably,so much, in fact,that nintendo was almost “forced” to try to find new ways to re-invent the wheel,first with skyward sword,and now with the new zelda for Wii U.

But I ask..does a game that it’s right now basically one of a kind (the closest thing to a zelda we got in recent years is darksiders,and even that was nowhere near as good as a zelda game in many aspects),really needs to change his formula?

Aren’t the release dates of every chapter of the series far apart enough to limit the repetitiveness,especially when we consider that there are no games quite like zelda at the moment on the market?

with skyward sword ditching many key elements of the series and the new zelda for wii u sounding more like a “nintendo’s scrolls” than a zelda game,i fear that we are gonna miss what made zelda “special” in the first place.”

It’s a fair discussion and one which we haven’t touched on in a long time. What do you think needs to happen and why? Art is by DreamlessWings.

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