For me, The Wind Waker is an incredibly nostalgic and fun-filled game. I remember growing up and playing it constantly, earnestly sailing across the Great Sea in search of treasure and new islands to explore. I didn’t pursue the story seriously until much later, and seeing the opening sequence gives me chills every time I watch it. From the music to the unique art style of the scrolls and narration, this moment reinforced the significance of the divergence in the timeline, as well as the revelation that the world of Ocarina of Time that I also remembered with fondness was destroyed as a result of the Great Flood. All of these qualities make it the most powerful and compelling opening in the entire series for me. None of the other Zelda games have had an opening that has resonated with me in the same way since. The Wind Waker wastes no time in establishing the dark tone of the plot while also illuminating the possibility of hope for the future, and it makes it a scene that I never skip watching. Do you enjoy the opening sequence to The Wind Waker? Let us know in the comments!

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