Link’s Awakening remains a beloved Zelda game among fans; the characters, the story, and the dreamy island of Koholint are still in our memories. At the end of the story, Link and the Wind Fish awake from their shared dream and they part ways. Link is still a character that has made it through the ages of Hyrule, but what about the Wind Fish? Does the Wind Fish still exist somewhere?

Link was still stranded out at sea when he awoke from his shared dream, and the Wind Fish spoke with him directly before flying away. In my opinion it is heavily implied that the Wind Fish originally existed outside of the dream and remains to exist somewhere in Hyrule. We know that the majestic Wind Fish flew away, but we don’t know where. The Wind Fish, I think, still exists.

The Wind Fish feels like the kind of being that would be told about and be passed down in old Hylian stories. Imagine Link telling tales of his encounter with the Wind Fish; maybe no one would believe him, and maybe some would. The Wind Fish might eventually become a being of great legend, much like the tale of the Hero; but what if, one day when the time is right that the Wind Fish returns? I would love to see the Wind Fish make another appearance in a Zelda game even if it was just in reference. I would love to see Link share another dream with the Wind Fish, maybe even return to Koholint, but that’s a question for another day.

What do you think, does the Wind Fish still exist? Let us know in the comments below.

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