The Legend of Zelda is a series that is typically centered on exploration of a natural and magical world with medieval settings. Despite this, the franchise will occasionally bring technology of one form or another into its midst. Some aspects make more sense than others. For example, the fact that some versions of Hyrule Castle have a drawbridge with a pulley system set up. In the past of the franchise, however, certain things have appeared that blur the line of technology and magic. Some especially notable occurrences of this are the Beamos enemies, the Tower of the Gods in Wind Waker, and the Dominion Rod in Twilight Princess. However, Spirit Tracks had trains as a focus point of the game, Skyward Sword showcased quite a bit of ancient technology, and Breath of the Wild shattered the line of magic and technology with its inclusion of an item that was essentially a smart device and literal robots roaming the fields of Hyrule.

The real question to ask here though is this: Does The Legend of Zelda series have too much technology, too little, or just enough without pushing the boundaries? On one hand, the introduction of technology in a world that has medieval themes seems out of place. On the other hand, Hyrule has always been a land of intrigue and mystery, and ancient technology does succeed in adding that.

So what do you think? Has Nintendo crossed lines with the technology they’ve put in their series? Or would you like to see more tech added? Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!


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