The Hover Boots are one of the most unique items in the Zelda series, only appearing in Ocarina of Time. Allowing Link to briefly levitate, these boots were invaluable in allowing Link to navigate the Shadow Temple and cross the desert. Other items in the series have arguably incorporated levitation items better, but the Hover Boots were very unique and distinct. But while they had their utility, their range of uses was often limited to having Link cross large gaps that he normally wouldn’t be able to jump across, or prevent him from sinking into quicksand. So while the boots were an extremely unique idea and design, their application was limited.

In Hyrule Warriors, however, the Hover Boots reappear in Young Link’s fighting arsenal and are combined with the Pegasus Boots, allowing him to quickly trap enemies and unleash a devastating attack. It added some new practical uses for how the boots could be incorporated into combat and created some new options. I really enjoyed the Hover Boots and always wished they would come back in future games, and with Hyrule Warrior’s clever implementation of them, I think it could be possible for them to be featured in even more creative, exciting ways. What do you think? Did you like the Hover Boots, and would you want them to reappear as an item in the Zelda series? Let us know in the comments!

Feature image by Txikimorin

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