With past installments like Wind Waker and Twilight Princess receiving HD remasters over the last few years, I think it only makes sense for Skyward Sword to be considered next. At the time, the graphics looked good, but being barred by the Wii’s 720 graphic limitations causes the game to look a little blurry these days, despite its gorgeous aesthetic and colors. Then the next biggest question for a Skyward Sword remake is, of course, the motion controls.

Generally speaking, the motion controls for Skyward Sword were pretty responsive, and in no way ruined the game for me except for that one time when I failed to get the Hylian Shield in the boss rush because motion controls decided I couldn’t stab the last boss in the eye so I lost and had to start the whole rush over again. For a remake of Skyward Sword to be successful I think it would be worth revisiting without the motion controls, but that may difficult and require rebuilding the combat mechanics entirely. Combine that with the Switch’s incorporation of motion controls in games like Mario Odyssey, and I think the motion controls in Skyward Sword are here to stay. For me to be completely on-board, they would need to be extremely precise and reliable, and with the Switch’s capabilities, I think it could be possible. Either way, I would love to play a graphically updated Skyward Sword, and even with the motion controls if they’re done right. What does everyone think? Do you want to see motion controls return in a Skyward Sword remake? Let us know in the comments!

Feature art by moxie2D

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