In my quest to be the very best Zelda fan I can be, I try to play at least three to five Zelda titles per year in addition to everything else I want to play (and continue every day life as well). To kick off 2017, I decided I’d start with a classic: A Link To The Past. After playing and beating it though, I felt compelled to do something I’d never done, and that was play and beat it’s direct sequel A Link Between Worlds right after.

Playing them back to back really was an eye opener and made me appreciate just how good of a job A Link Between Worlds did at recreating the world of A Link To The Past. It got me thinking of how awesome it would be if we had more direct sequels like that for other Zelda titles.

I know games like Phantom Hourglass and even Majora’s Mask were sequels in their own right, but I’m talking same setting, same basic overworld. I would love to revisit the Kokiri Forest of Ocarina of Time in a new adventure or check back in the world of Skyloft a few years after the events of Skyward Sword.

What do you guys think? Should there be more direct sequels to classic games, or should the series keep it new and fresh instead? Hash it out in the comments below.

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