Over the years, the Legend of Zelda franchise has developed into a video game series of exploration and adventure throughout incredible 3D worlds. But we as fans should not forget that the series began in 2D with 8-bit graphics. The 2D games brought a lot of important things to the series as well, from instruments to the Master Sword and everything in between.

In the past several years, Nintendo has focused more on designing 3D Zelda games with polygons and depth and does not dip back into the 2D category of pixels and sprites very much. With Breath of the Wild‘s significant change to how Zelda games are designed and how they function, Nintendo has set the series to go on a new path. However, if they so chose to, they could still import that formula from the graphic style of modern 3D games to the older style of 2D games. Technically they could even return to the old Zelda formula that A Link to the Past set in place if they so choose.

The real question here though is: would you like to see Nintendo develop a new Zelda game in the 2D format? Or would you prefer they stick to the 3D style of most games of the modern day? Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

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