It seems like since Breath of the Wild‘s release, many games that have come afterward were influenced by it. I remember thinking Mulaka looked a lot like Breath of the Wild. Some other games that drew my attention recently by looking similar to Breath of the Wild have been Decay of Logos, Gods and Monsters, and of course Genshin Impact. The latter game has been heavily compared to Breath of the Wild, to the point that it’s even being called an “unoriginal clone” of it by some. However, is Genshin Impact really that alike to Breath of the Wild?

In a way, isn’t Breath of the Wild very similar to Shadow of the Colossus? Yet it managed to do enough unique things to be it’s own game. Fundamentally, aren’t all open world games somewhat the same at their core? It seems that the modern true test to determine whether a game is unique in it’s own right is to actually play it. Until then, we can’t be absolutely sure if Genshin Impact really has copied everything from Breath of the Wild.

Do you think Genshin Impact looks similar to Breath of the Wild? Do you think it will be unoriginal, or do you see unique aspects to it?  We’re interested to hear your thoughts in the comments below!


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