Even with the much anticipated launch of Tears of The Kingdom right around the corner, we know that the release of Zelda remakes and/or remasters is expected by the fandom every couple of years. Although rarer, remakes are way more distinguishable, as they reimagine and breathe new life into games in the franchise that may have initially been overlooked, especially by younger fans.

In my case, for example, I never had the opportunity to play the Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages games. I always kept those titles in the back of my mind, but I never prioritized them. Maybe I wasn’t rushing to play the Game Boy versions because, thanks to internet rumors, it seemed a no-brainer that, after the unexpected release of Link’s Awakening for Nintendo Switch in 2019, Nintendo would invest in re-presenting the Oracle series in the same way. Delusion? Maybe. But Greezo’s return to Koholint Island did cash in more than six million dollars in sales, making the Link’s Awakening remake one of the best-selling titles on the Switch. Not too shabby! Perhaps it’s my desire to see theĀ Zelda series’ handheld titles receive as much attention as the ones on home consoles, but I think the same could be done for the Oracle games.

What is your opinion on Nintendo investing more in Zelda remakes? Do you think portable titles in the series will get more attention in the future? Which one would you pick to get a fresh, new look? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured Art: Sergio Melero

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