Majora’s Mask is a multi faceted game that forces players to question a lot of things about ideas society has about morals. For example, the Skull Kid informs Link and the player that he is forced to play as the bad guy when Link plays with the Skull Kid.

This brings into question the actions of Link throughout the game. Now, is it really possible for Link to be the villain, or is the Skull Kid lying again?

It could be possible that the masks of the game could influence Link negatively throughout his journey, if he inherited their negative feelings, and can’t control those emotions. On the other hand, the player sees the Skull Kid try to actively deceive Link after stealing the Ocarina of Time. There is a third option that Link actually commits atrocities, but the bad of the world ending outweighs Link’s evil doings.

As this is a Daily Debate, let us know your thoughts on the proposed question in the comments below


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