Here’s a topic that I never thought I would bring up. Zelda Informer, for those unaware of our long history, was never actually founded as a leading news site like we are today. In fact, the site was founded upon the backs of a major theorizing group at the time known as The Bombers. Basically, Zelda Informer was known for Zelda theories, not for being particularly great at much else (though, many old staff would argue a certain red designed layout was the pinnacle of layout design achievements during the era it was used). One aspect of those days that has always remained is the intense focus on creating discussion, so you could argue that these Daily Debates exist in part because it was inspired by our theorizing roots.

Yet the question remains: How relevant are fan theories? Do they really matter to you? Sure, we all love reading them (typically), but how much do they really matter. Do they make the games better? Worse? (not talking objectively, since fan theories don’t affect games directly, but subjectively. As an example, did you enjoy Majora’s Mask more after reading Message of Majora’s Mask?).

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