When I first picked up Phantom Hourglass and saw that the game was going to have a focus on the Ghost Ship, I was excited to get some actual background and lore on the Ghost Ship that you come across in The Wind Waker, thinking the two ships were one in the same. However, as I continued to play the game and discovered the Ghost Ship’s true purpose in Phantom Hourglass, I realized that they were two completely different ships.

Some fans still wonder if the ships are the same or if they have some sort of connection. But how can we truly tell when there isn’t much go on when it comes to the Ghost Ship in The Wind Waker? Where did the Ghost Ship come from? Did something happen to it during the flood of Hyrule? How did it come to have possession of one of the Triforce Charts/Shards? Where does it go after the chart/shard is collected? We get the backstory of the Ghost Ship in Phantom Hourglass, but the ship in The Wind Waker is a complete mystery.

What do you guys think? Did The Wind Waker miss an opportunity to expand on its Ghost Ship? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!

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