An aspect of Twilight Princess‘ story that I always enjoyed was the thematic connections between the light and dark, both in the storytelling and in the setting. It was a vital part of the experience, and part of what made it work well was when Link and Midna travel to the Twilight Realm through the Mirror of Twilight and recognizing that it deserved as much saving as Hyrule did.

One thing that I always thought was a missed opportunity, though, was just how small the Twilight Realm ended up being. Link can only explore the palace, and while the dungeon was pretty fun, the scope and size was also lacking compared to some of the preceding dungeons, like City in the Sky or the Water Temple. Because of that, the Twilight Realm didn’t really feel alive to me, which was a shame because visiting a “dark” world that is so unlike Hyrule would have been great. It also would have helped reinforce Midna’s justifiable concern to protect her people and reclaim the throne from Zant. It’s one thing to hear her express her resolve, but it’s another thing to see what exactly she’s fighting for, and I would have really liked to see that. After all, what is the Twilight Realm like? Outside of the monarchy, how do the Twili live their day to day life? What do you think? Would you have liked to explore a larger area of the Twilight Realm in Twilight Princess? Let us know in the comments!

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