Let’s talk honestly here: Breath of the Wild still remains divisive in many ways, recognized for not only all it did well, but also its flaws and stumbles. The conversation about the latest canon entry into The Legend of Zelda has yet to be silenced, constantly shifting, flowing, and turning back to every quintessentially iconic element represented – or not represented – within the game.

So let’s revisit one of those topics: music. In a series known so well for music, with a theme song recognized even by those who have never picked up a game, many argue that Breath of the Wild fell flat. It was different, only somewhat reflective of the franchise’s most known songs, and often takes a backseat in development of the world. Many point out its softer tones and even, in some places, its conspicuous absence as Link travels around Hyrule. Many did not find the music memorable, especially when compared to strong entrants like Ocarina of Time, and do not foresee it standing the test of time.

Yet, on the flip side, there are those, myself included, who enjoyed the music and ambiance of natural sounds – birds, wildlife, and soft, gentle melodies. Every location has its own notable tune that brings out a little bit of personality – Rito Village had its higher, almost avian notes, and the Zora’s Domain had a sort of elegance. And can we talk about that haunting, powerful Hyrule Castle theme? Personally, I enjoyed traveling to the Sheikah Towers just to listen to the unique, almost ethereal notes as I stood, looking out over the entire vast kingdom. It all just seemed so…calm, surreal. Otherworldly.

So, what about you? Did you enjoy the music of Breath of the Wild? Did you think it added any sort of ambiance, and did it bring out any feelings in you as you played? Or did you think the musical ball was dropped, especially in a series of strong contenders? Let us know in the comments below!

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