Skyward Sword, from my experience with fans of The Legend of Zelda series, is one of the more controversial games in the franchise. Some people love the game for its story and incredible dungeons, while other people complain about how linear it was, or more commonly, the motion controls. Ever since the game was poorly showcased at E3 2010, the motion controls have been a frequent point of discussion. While some people just dislike motion controls in video games in general, others specifically talk about how bad the controls were in Skyward Sword. However, I, and others I have talked to, found the motion controls to be accurate, with the movement in real life and in game being aligned fairly well, as long as the batteries in the Wii remotes weren’t low. However, I have heard that some people have had legitimate difficulties with the controls in this game, with the movements in game being far from accurate from what was actually being done in real life.

So what happened in your experience? Did the motion controls work well for you? Or did they not match up with what you were attempting to do? Leave your thoughts, stories, and opinions in the comments below!

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