To me, the games of the Legend of Zelda franchise have typically been centered around three main things: adventure, puzzle-solving, and combat. In my experience, the way the combat feels in a Zelda game can drastically affect my opinion of the game overall. While some of the older games in the franchise didn’t have any special techniques to use in combat, the series did grow and incorporate new features in this department.

Two games that to stand out to me for their impressive combat mechanics were Twilight Princess and Breath of the WildTwilight Princess had the Hidden Moves, such as the Back Slice, during which you rolled around behind an enemy before jumping up and hitting him from behind, and the Helm Splitter, which allowed you to execute a maneuver where you leaped over your opponent’s head and hit them in the process. Breath of the Wild, on the other hand, had such techniques as the Flurry Rush, where if you timed a dodge perfectly, you could hit an enemy repeatedly while time slowed; or the ability to temporarily slow down time at the cost of stamina while jumping from a mount or ledge and drawing your bow.

The techniques that each of these games have to offer are very different and unique, and as such, should be considered carefully. I even posed this question to myself and couldn’t come up with a personal opinion on which combat system I preferred. Both are terrific on their own right, and both fit the games they belong to. With that in mind, which style of combat did you prefer? Was Twilight Princess’s a little bit better? Or did Breath of the Wild’s new features edge out? Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

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