In the biggest games of the series, Ganon, in some shape or form, has nearly always been the final enemy waiting for Link at the final hurdle of his adventure – and for good reason. The Prince of Darkness’ immense power and cunning makes him a foe worthy of final boss status, providing inspiration for countless examples of ultimate enemies in other games. While there’s not really a need to switch from such a iconic villain, especially considering his diverse iterations, the series is prone to introducing other intimidating antagonists, making it clear that the wielder of the Triforce of Power is not the only threat to peace in the world of Zelda. Considering this, perhaps there could be someone out there who could challenge Ganondorf for the throne of evil.

Going on the lore of series, it is difficult to imagine that Link could be fated to fight anyone other than Ganon – and yet he does so quite often. These battles could be attributed to pure chance, but it’s known that the hero’s spirit returns when the land is going to to be endangered; these threats have enough potency to interrupt the endless cycle of fighting between the wielders of the Triforce. Some of these foes, such as Majora and Malladus, appear to be comparable in insidious powers to Ganon, while others such as Vaati have similarly devious plans and ambitions. It would seem, however, that not one of those whom we have encountered in our journeys thus far can hold a candle to the Demon King himself.

In order to surpass the pinnacle of evil, a third party of truly formidable might would have to both be aware of the ongoing struggle between the forces of good and evil, and have a strong desire to interrupt it. This individual would, ideally, challenge not only the rule of evil, but the prevalence of good as well, seeking to exploit the gray areas in between and cause others to question the need for a hero. If this would be too complex a villain for the series, a possible substitute would be one who holds power equitable to that of the Goddesses themselves; I’d love to see if Link has the power to stand up against a god.

Maybe I’m asking for a bit too much; not all series are so lucky to have a villain that stays both intriguing and threatening after so many years, not to mention other memorable evildoers. And considering that the most recent big release, Skyward Sword, struck a strong balance between the enemy we know and the desire to fight something greater, I believe in the franchise’s ability to keep us excited for every final struggle. Are you of a similar mind? Or do you still crave something more? Could there be a greater villain than Ganon?

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