The Zelda series has gone on for 3+ decades. From one generation to the next, this series has been held near and dear by so many kids of all ages (even adult-kids like myself). We’ve traveled through time. We’ve escaped to dark worlds and realms of twilight. We’ve traversed seas, flew on the backs of birds, and once, we even drove a train. It’s hard to imagine that something so loved could ever come to an end, right?

But…what if this is it? What if Tears of the Kingdom gives us a series finale, the last iteration of Zelda and her hero? Honestly, by this point, looking at all the games that have come and gone, someone might begin to wonder where it ends. With all the secrecy and hype leading up to the sequel to Breath of the Wild, could the possibility exist that this next game is The Legend of Zelda‘s magnum opus, and after we complete it, the timeline reaches its final conclusion?

Is that possible? Or do you think more could lie beyond May 12th, 2023 and the release of Tears of the Kingdom? Does Nintendo choose to end it here, or do more stories lie within Link and Hyrule? Let us know in the comments below!

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