Among the many traits that made Majora’s Mask a memorable experience, the copious and unique use of the masks surely stands out. Unlike other titles, it completely dedicates itself to a gimmick of sorts, and somehow makes it work to great success, both as a strong element of the story and as inspiration for so many different items. In a way, the idiosyncratic use if these powerful transformations is a great reason to keep them associated with Majora’s Mask, and Majora’s Mask only, but there is potential for use in a future title.

Transformation is not at a feature relegated to a single title; we’ve been seeing it on and off since the days of the Dark World of A Link to the Past. However, unlike the transformations of that game or of Twilight Princess, for example, the concept of masks presents a different sort of approach and a special kind of power that the others do not afford. The ability to change form at will, while eventually possible in all titles with varying degrees of freedom, is particularly empowering with the use of the masks, if only because so many options are presented.

This does, however, present a bit a conflict regarding their reappropriation in a future entry. The fun and excitement from the masks stemmed a great deal from the relatively large number of them; one could collect them, change into many different forms, and feel as if one could play as many different characters in a series which traditionally only allows for the use of a single avatar. If masks were brought into a new Zelda game though, they would best be used in a more limited way, such as with five or fewer masks, as to not take away from the brand new experiences said game would offer. Thus, a something of an impasse arises.

Even if it is a more limited way, I’d be thrilled to see masks return to Link‘s multifarious inventory of items in the future. The abilities to disguise oneself and gain new powers with the simple act of wearing an item is too fun to completely dismiss. What’s your take? Are masks best left to Link’s one and only adventure in Termina, or should we hope for a triumphant return in the not-so-distant future? Join the Daily Debate!

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