Majora’s Mask 3D comes out next year (no really!), but does that mean all of us are going to enjoy the various changes made? From texture updates to potential tutorial additions, we could be seeing some major alterations to an already stellar experience. Heck, they even added fishing… because that’s always the best use of a hero’s time with just 3 days to save the world, right? Are these changes something you are looking forward to, or are you rather unimpressed thus far? Keep in mind we’re only looking at currently known changes, there are still several additions we know exist but haven’t been detailed yet.

Personally, I enjoy what they have done so far and I don’t mind that they may have added a bit of a tutorial to the game. Majora’s Mask is, admittedly, a rather hard game to pick up and play without some basic knowledge beforehand. This is probably why the original release didn’t sell as well as it could have coming off the popular launch of Ocarina of Time. What do you think?

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