Today is the day!  It seems like forever-ago that Nintendo announced the Link’s Awakening remake for the Nintendo Switch.  And now, at last, fan’s can finally get their hands on the long awaited game!

I’ve spent months looking forward to playing Link’s Awakening on the Switch.  In fact, I haven’t even played the original version of the game, which makes this adventure even more mysterious and exciting for me.  I have been watching the trailers and listening to my fellow fans reminisce about how much fun they had in Koholint Island.  It’s because of this that I actually decided to pre-order Link’s Awakening.  I wanted to make sure that I would definitely get my game as soon as possible!  After all, what would I do if it was sold out?

I’m sure there are so many people that feel just the same as me.  Perhaps you have pre-ordered your game too?  Or maybe you’ve been queuing outside of your local store until Link’s Awakening is finally released to the public?  If you’re a lucky one, you might have already snagged your copy and spent hours gaming to your heart’s content!  You might even have plans to get the game in the future, if not today.  Either way, let us know if you’re getting Link’s Awakening in the comments below!

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