Some of my favorite memories playing Breath of the Wild involved riding my horse into some unexplored region of Hyrule at night, letting the familiar notes of the Zelda main theme accompany my journey. There was something just so immersive about trekking across secluded hills and valleys with only my trusty steed to keep me company.

But in the years since Breath of the Wild, I’ve found that quite a few players opted to ignore horseback riding altogether and instead adventure across Hyrule on foot or through teleportation via the Sheikah Slate. Anecdotally speaking, it seems that horses weren’t all that popular a transportation method in that title. And that fact seems doubly true for Tears of the Kingdom.

An informal poll among our staff showed that horses were far from the most popular mode of transportation in the new game. Like in Breath of the Wild, many chose to just explore the world on foot, with the Paraglider, and with teleportation. On top of that, the new game provides plenty of new effective transportation methods for players to utilize. Most Ultrahand vehicles essentially serve the same functions as a horse, but they also allow for countless Zonai-based upgrades that old Epona could only dream of. Some on our staff have even shared that they primarily travel across Hyrule by air, in that they dive from Sky Islands and glide to their chosen destinations.

With so many more transportation methods in Tears of the Kingdom, do you think horses are still a viable mode of travel? Do horses offer something that Ultrahand vehicles or teleportation don’t? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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