When first playing Breath of the Wild the scope, beauty, and openness of the world is quite impressive and impactful as you explore everything around you. Within short order, you’ll probably come across a familiar face, or 900, if you’ve played The Wind Waker. Koroks are small forest spirits that, according to The Wind Waker, are the evolution of the Kokiri species introduced in Ocarina of Time and can be found anywhere and everywhere in Breath of the Wild.

At first, these creatures can seem funny, if a bit odd, and you might wonder what use the little seeds they give you every time you find one might have. Aside from their rather… poop-like appearance. One quickly encounters a large Korok complete with festive maracas (once you retrieve them for him) along their way through the main quest. This jovial individual is named Hestu and he’s quick to point out that he’ll accept any and all Korok “seeds” to power his maracas. In exchange, he’ll expand your inventory slots for weapons, shields, and bows. Seems pretty neat, right? That’s what I thought until I maxed out my inventory, but was still encountering Koroks yelling at me with the same, infuriating, “YAHAHA! You found me!” every. Single. Time.

I had to wonder to myself, “What else could these be used for? Why am I still being handed poop-adjacent items by tiny forest dwellers?” 900 Koroks later, I and many others received Nintendo’s version of a trolly coup de grace. Spoilers: Hestu and his evil maracas hand you a big pile of… you guessed it… poop. This in turn caused me to go on a personal quest all over Hyrule to find and burn all the Koroks out of existence. I even went so far as to attempting the deforestation of their forest home. But of course, Nintendo doesn’t want you murdering helpless forest spirits as the Hero of the Wild, do they? Foiled again.

Alas, this was only one fan’s reaction to Korok’s and their seed-poop. How about you Zelda lovers? Did the almost endless Korok seed collection and ultimately useless reward after finding 900 change your opinion on the lovable memories from The Wind Waker? Share your stories in the comments below!

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