YouTube channel D-Pad just finished an entire “Let’s Play” series that includes every Zelda game, and

the entire collection contains a grand total of 550 videos made over the span of 16 months.

The group made a post on reddit detailing the full scope of their work, saying the following:

“Way way back in August 2013, for The Legend of Zelda‘s 26th birthday, I gathered a group of friends with the goal of playing through every single Zelda game (16 games at the time, but 19 by the time we finished), and as of this week we have successfully completed that goal.”

The series, which started back in August 2013, goes through every Zelda game in the order in which they were released. It does not include games like Link’s Crossbow Training or the Phillips CD-i Zelda titles.

Although other spinoff titles were not included, it is important to note that D-Pad did a series of videos dedicated to Hyrule Warriors, the Dynasty Warriors and Legend of Zelda crossover title released last year, as part of this let’s play.

For those unfamiliar with the concept of a “Let’s Play” video, gamers record themselves playing through a title with a microphone so they can add humorous commentary and dialog as they go through the game. This has become a popular trend through the last few years, and YouTube is now full of people uploading their own play-through videos. This is also the main concept behind popular video site Twitch.

D-Pad wrapped their series up with a final “thank you” video to the fans for watching the “Legendary Let’s Play” series. This was uploaded on January 3.

The group’s next project appears to be even more ambitious, taking on the Mega Man series. On their reddit post, Rick (one of the commentators for D-Pad) said they would attempt a playthrough of nearly 70 titles. The games included would be “every US release, a few non-US releases, a few fangames, and a few non-Mega Man games.” The Mega Man playthrough series will get underway on Jan. 19, according to D-Pad’s announcement video.

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