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The plot wrapped around this familiar structure revolves around the relatively insignificant-looking train tracks that cover the land. These tracks not only guide Link’s new ride – his steam train – but they also carry the magic of ancient spirits who locked away the Demon King in an eternal prison inside the central Tower of Spirits.

However, as evil-doers seek to free the Demon King’s spirit the tracks start to disappear, and it’s up to Link to restore the tracks one area (and one subsequent dungeon) at a time, defeat his new foes and seal away evil forever. Again.

And so unfolds a journey of familiar structure. You explore the first floor of the Tower of Spirits, unlocking the tracks to reach a new dungeon. Slay the beast at the end of said dungeon and return to the Tower to take on the next floor and unlock the next dungeon. Repeat until you’ve planted your blade into the final foe 20-to-25 hours later.

It’s a fairly rigid formula, and admittedly, it’s not the only familiar aspect of the game. Yes, you travel around an expansive map with in a vehicle, shooting cannonballs at incoming hazards. Yet Link’s train strangely provides a more satisfying and visceral travel mechanic.

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