Skyward Sword

Someone in the comments earlier today requested a news post about Skyward Sword. Outside of the fact there isn’t any news on Skyward Sword (and there really hasn’t been any since E3) I assumed he naturally just wanted us to talk about Skyward Sword. Of course, it’s not like we haven’t been doing that lately. Still, ask and you shall receive. CVG, last week, posted 10 reasons they feel Skyward Sword is going to be a must buy for gamers and zelda fans alike. I wont get into the details they posted behind each one. For that, you’ll have to read the article for yourself. Still, here is their 10 reasons:

  • Skyward Sword is the First Zelda
  • Link Takes to the Skies
  • The Director has Quirky Zelda Pedigree
  • The Sword has Secret Tricks
  • There Will be Beetle Racing
  • Skyward Sword Challenges Zelda Conventions
  • The E3 Demo Will be Butchered
  • Dungeons are in for an Overhaul
  • Hyrule is Looking Grand
  • Hyrule is Sounding Grand

When I break down the reasons behind this I find myself agreeing more and more. Look, Skyward Sword is going to be a must buy for Zelda fans. Regardless of the 10 reasons given, if you like Zelda, you will like Skyward Sword to some degree. The question is if the game can capture a new audience on a much grander scale – say the impact Ocarina of Time had. Well, it’s on the right path.

For starters, the two previous games that hit really big as milestones in the series were A Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time. The common trending between these two games is at the time of release they were the first Zelda games in the timeline. Along with this trending is the mark of significant changes in gameplay.

A Link to the Past set up the formula for success, while Ocarina of Time translated that formula to a 3D environment. Skyward Sword, meanwhile, introduces an entirely new control scheme and has grand plans to break the formula set in place back during A Link to the Past. This means that Skyward Sword is not only the new first game in the timeline with a brand new control scheme, but it is also an attempt to establish new trending for future titles in terms of how the game is set up. If we use the history of the franchise as evidence for these points, it’s clear Skyward Sword should be another milestone marker.

You may have some gripes about the E3 presentation, the demo in general, and even breaking down into hating the look (or at least, hating how the trees look), but the trending says Skyward Sword is all set up to be the new “best Zelda game ever”. Soon enough, Ocarina of Time may have to dust off it’s #1 spot on the ranking charts and get ready to move back.

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