If players could go to a vacation in the land of Hyrule, Zora’s Domain would be high on the destination list. Whether it is Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess, or Breath of the Wild, the town is one of the most visually distinct locations in the Zelda series, with creative water-based designs. Often built around natural wonders like waterfalls and rivers, the home of the Zora is almost always a beautiful and serene haven for Link to explore. Complete with a soothing musical theme, Zora’s Domain has a special place in the hearts of Zelda fans, both old and new.

This jazz fusion cover of “Zora’s Domain” by Kade Kalka (featuring Nah Tony) is a slick tribute to one of the best locations in the series. This arrangement includes a wide variety of instruments including organ, drums, bass, acoustic guitar, and electric guitar. This rich array of instrumentation helps the song sustain a lengthy four-minute run time, and each instrument is given a proper chance to shine throughout the song. The electric guitar, which is not an instrument often featured in many covers of “Zora’s Domain,” is a brilliant addition. The smooth electric guitar gives the song a more adventurous and wild feel, which stands in contrast to the more serene versions of the song that are featured in the official soundtracks.

In the description for the video, Kade Kalka discussed the process of fusing different iterations of “Zora’s Domain” into a singular piece. The first half of this jazz fusion arrangement is based on the day version of “Zora’s Domain” from Breath of the Wild. From there, the pieces takes inspiration from Twilight Princess‘ version. Finally the second half of the song is a combination of the two previously mentioned versions, with some percussion “loosely based off the Ocarina of Time version.” Overall, it is great to see someone paying such close attention to the different version of “Zora’s Domain!”

If you enjoyed this video from Kade Kalka, the artist has a full list of video games covers available on YouTube. This list includes several Zelda arrangements. Kade Kalka covers some popular songs like “Midna’s Lament,” “Lost Woods,” and “Gerudo Valley,” and these covers all fall into different genres including Chiptune, Jazz Fusion, and Techno.

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Source: Kade Kalka

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