Custom Zelda N64 Mod For Sale

Custom, modified consoles can range from weird to spectacular, and amongst all the wild creations you’re ought to find a gem like this Zelda Themed N64 crafted by SpaceNTraders over at Etsy. Painted with a slick gold and silver color scheme, the custom console equips a solid metal Hylian Shield adorned on it’s face, and also features a Triforce shaped cut-out atop it, embracing the luminous gold glow the interior LED produces.

The piece is being sold for $229.99 but if the heroic Link theme isn’t quite your style, SpaceNTraderz also has four other styles available, including a Dark Link Edition for sale at a price $299.99, complete with a black and grey paint job, red interior lighting, and a Dark Link shield adhered proudly to it’s front. Each console ships with one controller, power adapter, and AV cords.

What do you think about this legendary N64 console? Would you buy one? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: SpaceNTraders Nintendo 64 Custom Zelda Console

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