maxresdefaultMatt Vince, a talented artist and video game fan, has made some awesome Zelda movie posters in the style of famous anime production studio, Studio Ghibli. Fans of Ghibli films will recognize the unique visual style of Vince’s posters, and Zelda fans will recognize some iconic locations in Hyrule, as well as instantly recognizable characters.

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This is kind of funny to me, as there have been a lot of people that compared the original Zelda Wii U trailer to clips from Princess Mononoke, a famous Studio Ghibli film (It deserves the fame. Go watch it. It’s amazing.). They also make one think of how an anime style movie could really make a lot of the finer parts of Zelda games seem even more awesome – the journey to Kakariko, Link’s first trip across Hyrule Field, the trek across Gerudo Valley – all these scenes could look great in the Ghibli style. These posters are honestly really sweet, and only further my wish for a Zelda, or just Nintendo in general, anime series. This would not be the first of Matt’s Zelda illustrations either. He has done a few others, which are also really cool. Check out his site for more.

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Source: Kotaku

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