41WeuBD+UYL._SY300_ With the new Super Smash Bros. game for Wii U and the recent wave of Amiibos, fans are letting their creative juices flow. We’ve seen awesome custom stages for the new Smash game, defective Amiibos that selling for hundreds, potentially discontinued Amiibos, and even custom painted Amiibos. However, what is a good way to display them? On a shelf? By the TV? Certainly not in a bag! Well, Instagram user danisanteliz has created an impressive Legend of Zelda Amiibo display!


This artist recreated the original Hyrule Castle stage from the first Super Smash Bros. game for his Amiibos. I must say it looks incredible and is a nearly perfect replica. Definitely the perfect place to show off Amiibos! What does everyone else think of this display?

Source: The Tanookie

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