Custom Painted Majora’s Mask Game Boy

original2Majora’s Mask popularity has not slowed down yet, and today we have an interesting piece of fan art for everyone who enjoys both Majora’s Mask and classic games. Artist Oskunk has posted pictures of his hand painted Majora’s Mask Game Boy adorned with the namesake mask across the front. On the back is the familiar moon along with a graffiti styled title.

Jump inside to check it out for yourself.





Using the buttons for the eyes was pretty clever! I actually wonder if that was the original cause for the design on the face of the Game Boy. It is an interesting choice to make it out of an old 1990’s brick Game Boy. Iv’e seen a lot of paint customs but almost none of them for this device at all. The layout and attention to detail for the artwork is pretty superb and I suppose the handheld might have been decoration already even before it was painted. That is essentially all my own GameBoy is for at this point.
Source: Custom-art

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