Custom Amiibo Showcase

Amiibo fever is in full swing and everyone is racing to store shelves to see what amiibos are in stock. Though I myself am not a collector, I find myself checking every Walmart and Game Stop I pass to see if there are any rare amiibos in stock. But in between trying to find the holy trinity of Amiibos, I get my fix checking out customs Amiibos. Here is a collection of 20 of my favorite Zelda customs, ranging from in-game inspration to unconventional crossovers. Hit the jump to take a gander as these amazing customs.



Disclosure: I tried my best to make sure to source all of the original artist, but if I have gotten any of these wrong or missed one please let us know. We will be sure to fix it right away. I would also like to credit AmiibosCustom for providing these and other wonderful custom Amiibos. Be sure to follow them on Twitter to keep up on these great works of art.

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